Hossein Nouri

Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor
Islamic Azad university, Sanandaj Branch


Research Activities



Manufacturing and Production processes Simulation, Rapid Prototyping, CAD/CAM, Robotics

I (Dr. Hossein Nouri) have been able to obtain an undergraduate degree in mechanical heat and fluid engineering from the University of Tehran Polytechnic University in 2001, and earned a master's degree in mechanical engineering with a tendency to manufacture and produce and obtain first graduation from Tehran Tarbiat Moddares University In 2011 , I graduated from the University of UPM in Malaysia and earned Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a tendency to manufacture and production. I began working on Iran Khodro Research Centre in 1995 and then continued to in the field of automotive and domestic industries in Saipa ,Gas control Pars Company for Engineering and as engineering director and director of industrial activity research. In 2006, I became a faculty member of the College of Islamic Azad University. In the course of many years, mechanical engineering studies have been subject to a specialization of heat and fluid mechanics, manufacture and producing an undergraduate and master's degree. I was elected a provincial example scholar at a time and was hailed as a top product designer at the national level in 2003. Most of my scientific and scholarly activities have been in the field of simulation of product prototyping and development, with the help of computers. I am now teaching mechanical engineering courses in the Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj.

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